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Is a Coeur d’Alene S Corporation Considered a Disregarded Entity?


Since a Coeur d’Alene S-Corporation passes-through its profits directly to the owners/shareholders, it is considered a disregarded entity.

A disregarded entity refers to a pass-through business entity for the purposes of taxation. This entity is distinct from its owners for some purposes, but not when it comes to taxes. The owners will report the Coeur d’Alene business’s income on their personal tax returns and pay ordinary income taxes on the entire amount.

It’s important to note that a disregarded entity refers only to the way it’s taxed, but still has an identity that’s separate from its owner for purposes of employment taxes and liability.

Is a Coeur d’Alene S Corporation Taxed at Corporate Level?


A Coeur d’Alene S-Corporation is a pass-through company and considered a disregarded entity to the IRS. This means that all profits pass-through to the owners/shareholders first to be taxed on their individual income taxes.

Is a Coeur d’Alene S Corporation Eligible for 199A 20% Deduction?


A Coeur d’Alene S-Corporation can be qualified to receive the 199A 20% deduction since it retains its pass-through taxation structure.